Computer Monitoring

Managing the online activity of sex offenders

As police forces have come to recognise, new technologies can play an important role in the management of sex offenders and their online activity. One of the most effective risk management methods is to monitor the home computer of each offender for inappropriate behaviour. Securus is a monitoring system that identifies any text used by an offender that might indicate a child protection issue or other cause for concern.

Evidence of every incident is captured as a screen shot, showing exactly what took place and alerting risk management staff to the situation. Following a review of captures, appropriate intervention can take place.
Once installed on the computer of a convicted offender, Securus enables police officers or risk management staff to:

Securus identifies 'grooming' or other inappropriate behaviour by alerting staff to key words and phrases commonly used in such situations. Screenshot evidence is captured of each incident to show exactly what took place.
Effective enforcement

Securus is a comprehensive e-safety system that can be customised to meet the specific circumstances of each force area - and which:

Securus was originally developed to monitor school networks and protect students from a range of e-safety risks. Following a trial in 2008 with Surrey Police, it is now used by a number of police services, proving a valuable addition to existing risk management strategies.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation also offers Securus as a service to public protection agencies for individual cases as well as monitoring offenders on bail as part of interim management. Visit our services for individual's page for more information.


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