Criminal Justice System

Lucy Faithfull Foundation is a child protection charity with expertise in the area of sexual abuse and in the delivery of services within the criminal justice system.

For several years we assisted probation offender managers who chose to refer cases to us. This service was centrally funded by the Public Protection Unit (now PPMHG).  We provided advice, assessment and some intervention with female sex offenders and advice regarding high risk males. Following the regionalisation of NOMS the PPMHG funded contract ended at 31st March 2010.


A recent evaluation of the services provided to NOMS was overwhelmingly positive with 92% finding the involvement helpful or extremely helpful. Not only had the guidance helped to manage offenders’ risk effectively, but the working relationship had benefited other complex cases. The feedback relating to female sexual offenders suggested on-going need to access expert advice in managing this population.

LFF continue to provide specialist services to Probation Trusts and Regions which choose to commission them. Download more information on services for Probation, Prisons and Approved Premises.

Specialist services regarding male and female sexual offenders

We provide:

For more information contact Simon Sauze on or 01372 847160.

Female sexual offenders

Our work with female sexual offenders includes individually tailored supervision packages as part of a community order or as a licence requirement usually in collaboration with Approved Premises. This includes specialist advice to offender managers and AP staff managing and working with them.  A similar service is available for male offenders.

Further information is available from Sheila Brotherston on or 01527 591922 or from the JB Placement Unit.

Young people 

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is contracted by the Youth Justice Board (YJB) to provide an assessment and intervention service for young people aged between 15 and 18 years serving sentences of imprisonment for sexual offences within selected Young Offender Institutions (YOIs) within the young people’s secure estate. The service is available for 39 young people in 4 YOIs.

The service includes a comprehensive assessment of intervention needs which informs the development of an individual intervention plan. The service in the YOIs is supplemented where possible by work with the family of the young person and liaison with internal and external agencies with responsibility for the management of the young person in the establishment and after release.

As the service is resource limited, LFF works closely with the Placement Unit within the YJB to prioritise access to the service. The basic criteria used to prioritise places is that the young person will have at least 12 months until release or 18th birthday and is not appealing against conviction.

Further information is available from Sheila Brotherston or Sarah Morris on 01527 591922 or from the YJB Placement Unit.