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Support our work to prevent child sexual abuse

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is the only UK-wide charity dedicated solely to tackling child sexual abuse.

Every day, children and young people across the UK suffer sexual abuse, most commonly at the hands of someone they know. Latest research suggests at least one in six children aged 11-17 become victims.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation works to prevent abuse from happening in the first place – and to prevent it from happening again if it already has.

Where abuse has already taken place, we work with all those affected including adult male and female abusers; young people with harmful sexual behaviour; children with concerning sexual behaviours; victims of abuse and other family members. But we also work in families and with adults and young people where there has been no abuse, to help them keep themselves and others as safe as possible.

With your generous help, we can continue our work to protect children from sexual abuse.

One off payments:

To make a one-off payment please visit our ‘My Donate’ page.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque payable to the Lucy Faithfull Foundation to the address below. If you would like your donation to be assigned to a particular project please do let us know, otherwise, we will assign it to the area with the greatest need at the time.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation
Bordesley Hall
The Holloway
B48 7QA

Regular payments:

To make a regular monthly contribution, please contact our Head Office on 01527 591 922 or or using the address above.

Text donate - text STOP44 1 to 70070 to donate £1

Could you donate a pound (or more) to our 'Pound to Protect' appeal?

You can also choose to increase your donation. Select from the amounts below ranging between £1 to £10 and send the code to 70070.

STOP44 1
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STOP44 10

What will your money pay for?

While our work to protect children is wide and varied, here are some examples of the sorts of things your money could help pay for:

  • £5 could help pay for printed materials for the children, parents and teachers we work with in schools on Internet Safety. These sessions help adults understand what they can do to help keep children safe online and teach children how to keep themselves and their friends safe.
  • £10 could help pay for a Helpline Operator to answer calls for an hour, ensuring those who need advice, information and support receive it. Our Stop it Now! Helpline is for all adults with concerns about child sexual abuse. It allows people to talk in confidence, often at times when they feel they have no one else to talk to.
  • £20 could help pay for 20 Parents Protect! Learning Programmes on disk so families who do not have internet access can watch the video. This 30 minute film shows how to create a family safety plan with simple steps that create safer environments for children.
  • £50 helps pay for a Stop it Now! Helpline caller to have a call-back with a specialist Lucy Faithfull Foundation practitioner. This service is available for those with particular needs and allows them to receive specialist, in-depth information, help and advice.
  • £150 helps fund a place on our educative course for friends and relatives of internet offenders (Inform). This allows people to get the support, information and advice they need to protect children.
  • £150 would enable us to deliver a Parents Protect! workshop to a group of parents and carers in a community near you! These educational sessions raise awareness of child sexual abuse and provide positive messages about what can be done to protect children. They focus on dispelling common myths about child sex offenders while at the same time arming parents and carers with sound information that will help them keep their children safe.
  • £300 pays for a child or young person with worrying sexual behaviour, as well as their family, to receive help from a specialist Lucy Faithfull Foundation practitioner. Families often turn to us after struggling to find help elsewhere.
  • £700 allows an internet offender with limited means to attend our ten week Internet Offending educational course (Inform+), which is designed to help offenders understand and manage their behaviour, helping to prevent further offending and reduce the risks to children.