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Assessment and Intervention Services

The safeguarding of children from sexual abuse is our paramount concern. We have expertise in working with male and female adults and adolescents whose behaviours are sexually abusive. Within this context, we conduct assessments and provide tailored intervention programmes for all parties.

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Referrals for individual and for family assessment are made by:

Family Courts

To assist with:

In situations where:

Referral of individual adult family members and of whole families:

Whilst we accept individual referrals of any adult or of children within a given family, our preference is for a whole family referral, especially in family court cases. One of a team of specialist workers sees each person, liaising closely with colleagues to highlight the dangers, strengths and therapeutic needs within the family. This integrated approach enables us to recommend an appropriate way forward for each person whilst ensuring that the needs of children are always paramount.

We can provide structured evidence-based treatment programmes for adults who abuse. These can be designed to complement statutory interventions. Structured programmes for partners of abusers are available to increase ability to protect and to deal with personal issues.

Referrals of children and young people who have been, are suspected of having been, or are felt to be at risk of being sexually abused, includes situations where:

Following assessment, we can provide individual therapy designed to explore and address the experience of abuse and facilitate the development of effective means of keeping safe in the future. A routine aspect of any intervention includes liaison with those working with any adults responsible for the abuse of the child, in order that information gleaned from the adult in treatment can be used to aid the child in therapy. We work with other family members as required.

Referral of young people and children who engage in, or are alleged to have engaged in abusive or inappropriate sexual behaviour. Includes situations in which a child or young person:

Following assessment, intervention explores and addresses the causes of behaviour and facilitates an effective plan for an abuse free life. Dependent on the treatment needs identified, a structured programme is designed. This places strong emphasis upon the young person's developmental stage, personal and family context. A routine aspect of intervention includes liaison with those working with child victims, in order that information gleaned can aid that child in therapy. We undertake work with the wider family directly as necessary.

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