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Inform - an educative programme for the family/friends of internet offenders

Inform Plus - an educative programme for internet offenders

'What can you do' - a leaflet for all involved in internet offending; offenders and their family/friends 

Inform: the information forum for families and friends of people with internet problems

What is Inform?
Inform is an educative course designed to offer information and support to the partners, relatives and close
friends of people who have been charged in relation to child pornography accessed via the Internet. 

Inform aims to providea ‘safe place’ to which people can bring their issues, problems and questions
and discuss them in an understanding and supportive environment. Each Inform group typically has 4-5

What does Inform cover?

How much does Inform cost?

Inform groups and one-to-one programmes cost between £600-£800 to run. However, with charitable funding we are currently able to provide programme places free. But we encourage donations from participants of £150+ These contributions are very much appreciated as they help help stretch our charitable funds to keep our programmes widely available. These donations are eligble for gift aid, so if you are a UK tax payer, we can also claim an extra 25% from the government.

Who runs Inform?
Course facilitators are all staff of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, who are trained and experienced in working with family members or close friends of those who have been charged in relation to child pornography offences via the Internet.  Each Inform group has two facilitators, who are available for on-going support via the Stop it Now! Freephone Helpline (0808 1000 900).

Don’t worry….

•You won’t have to reveal your full identity to other participants or share personal and relationship details in the sessions.
•The information you share will remain confidential unless it raises concerns about a child at risk.
•Wherever possible we are keen to offer a Programme to your family member or friend to help them to understand their problematic Internet behaviour and learn how to manage it in the future.
•The sessions will provide a ‘safe’ forum for you to ask your own questions and, if you wish, explore issues relating to your own situation. 

Contact us

To discuss the course in more detail, please call Stop it Now! helpline 0808 1000 900.

If you cannot attend one of our group programmes, it may be possible for us to deliver this programme on a one-to-one basis.