Internet Safety Seminars

Did you know..?

Children spend an average of 44 hours a month online
15% of children aged 8 to 12 have arranged to meet a ‘friend’ they only know online face-to-face
11% of children have seen sexual images online

Ofsted looks for:

Mechanisms to deal with online safety issues
Involvement of parents and school community through e-safety sessions for parents and raising awareness through school website or newsletters
Educating children in online safety school assemblies on e-safety and programmes delivering across all age groups

Why is internet safety important?

Barely a day goes by when we don’t hear about a child being harmed through their use of the internet. Many parents may feel out of their depth or look to technical safeguards such as filters and blocking software to help protect their children. But these solutions can only ever deal with part of the problem and parents, whatever their technical ability, need to make time to understand the risks and get practical non-technical advice on steps they can take to keep their children safe. In addition, the online risks posed to children can be greatly reduced if they themselves are equipped with information and knowledge to help keep safe.

What do the seminars cover?

We provide tailored seminars for parents, carers, teachers and children. These are not technical events – instead we focus on practical advice.

We aim to:

We do this through giving advice on:

In the school year 2010-2011, we delivered 61 seminars to over 1000 parents and carers and 1800 children. 97% of parents found the seminar ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’. 95% said they felt more confident about helping to keep their children stay safe online as a result of attending.

Previous participants have said:

“I have become more knowledgeable about chat rooms and social networking sites and will educate my children before they start accessing these sites.”
“The cyberbullying DVD was extremely powerful and useful.”
“This has really opened my eyes.”

More information

For more information about internet safety seminars please download this case study, alternatively if you are interested in holding a seminar for parents or students at your school please contact:

Marisa Hill
Tel: 01372 847160

Visit: Parents Protect! for information about internet safety and the resources available.