Specialist Case Advice - Child Sexual Abuse Cases

By offering advice and support in relation to individual child abuse cases, we assist child and public protection professionals to work through complex issues and to develop clear and effective action plans. This service includes child sexual abuse case advice either by telephone or face-to-face sessions with case workers and involves a comprehensive review of case papers.

What we offer:

Case‑specific advice involves one of our specialists reading the relevant case papers in advance and then helping you to take a fresh look at the case. This is especially valuable where, for example, the issues are particularly complex and enmeshed, or where attitudes and problems have become entrenched over time, making it difficult to find the best way forward.

We can help case workers and their managers to arrive at an overall strategy and to equip them with a step‑by‑step plan of action. Some common themes are:

Who we work with:

Sessions can be booked by the hour at one of our offices or a location convenient to you.

To talk to us about a case, call Tom Squire on 01372 847 160 or email wolvercote@lucyfaithfull.org.uk