Young People

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation provides a range of services for young people, families and agencies working with young people. These services include direct work with young people and their families, a confidential Helpline Freephone 0808 1000 900, for help with concerns about a young person you know, and training and consultancy for agencies and organisations working with young people.

Some of the services we have developed to meet the needs of young people are described below. For further information about training and consultancy please see our training pages.

Working with young people with concerning online behaviour

‘Inform Young People’ is an educative programme for young people (16-21) in trouble with Police, school/college for inappropriate use of technology and the Internet such as ‘sexting’ or possession/distribution of indecent images of children as well as risk taking behaviours online, accessing adult pornography.

The Association of Chief Police Officers has stated it would rather not criminalise young people for Internet related offences such as these, yet they need education and help to address and modify their behaviour. Young people and their parents and teachers calling our Helpline have highlighted the need for help and discussions with police identified their concern at there being no appropriate service available.

Our programme (on average, one assessment and 5 intervention sessions per family) provides information, advice and support tailored to the needs of each young person and their family, to prevent a reoccurrence or escalation of the concerning behaviour.

The pilot ran from Autumn 2011 to March 31, 2012 and given positive feedback from participants, the work has continued.

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, or would like to talk through any concerns you have about a young person you know, call our confidential, Freephone Helpline on 0808 1000 900.

Our report reviewing our pilot programme is available by emailing

Since 2005 the Lucy Faithfull Foundation has worked increasingly with Internet related problems.  We have run educative programmes for adult Internet offenders and their families, known as Inform Plus and Inform respectively. We also run Internet Safety Seminars in schools for 9-11 year olds. These raise awareness around inappropriate content and contacts children may encounter online (including cyber-bullying) and provide advice and strategies on how children can keep themselves safe on the Internet. We also deliver sessions to parents about what they can do to help keep their children safe online. Based on this experience, we were well placed to extend and develop these services into a programme for young people who had displayed concerning sexual Internet usage.

While some parents are able and willing to pay for the Inform Young Person service, others cannot pay and it would be inappropriate to require young people with limited or no access to funds to pay. As such, this service needs funding from alternative sources. Funding needs to provide the flexibility for a fuller service to be provided if the needs of the young person require it.

If you, or your organisation, are interested in helping to help fund this work – please contact our Head Office on 01527 591 922 or

Watch a Channel 4 news piece about this work:

Posted 13-12-2012 — Source Channel 4 News

Working in Young Offender Institutions

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is contracted by the Youth Justice Board (YJB) to provide an assessment and intervention service for young people aged between 15 and 18 years serving sentences of imprisonment for sexual offences within selected Young Offender Institutions (YOIs) within the young people’s secure estate. The service is available for 39 young people in 4 YOIs.

The service includes a comprehensive assessment of intervention needs which informs the development of an individual intervention plan. The service in the YOIs is supplemented where possible by work with the family of the young person and liaison with internal and external agencies with responsibility for the management of the young person in the establishment and after release.

As the service is resource limited, LFF works closely with the Placement Unit within the YJB to prioritise access to the service. LFF are unable to work with young people appealing their conviction but will work with young people who are appealing sentence or have difficulty accepting responsibility for their offending.

Further information is available from Sheila Brotherston or Sarah Morris on 01527 591922 or from the YJB Placement Unit.